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71 Ainsworth Street

A Servant at Sidney Sussex College

Number 71 is one of a pair of terraced houses on the west side of Ainsworth Street.


John Lander, Head, Married, 35, College Porter, Hemmingford Grays, Huntingdon
Ann Lander, Wife, Married, 29, Norwich, Norfolk
Arthur S. Lander, Son, 4, Cambridgeshire, England
Gertrude A. Lander, Daughter, 2, Cambridgeshire,
John A. Lander, Son, Male, Cambridgeshire
Caroline E. Madling, Niece, 15, Housbourn Crawley, Bedfordshire,


In the census of 1891 it lists 7 members of the Landers family living at number 71 Ainsworth Street.  The Head of the Household, John Landers, aged 45, who was born in the parish of Hemingford Grey in Huntingtonshire has noted as his occupation that he worked for one of the colleges at the University, because it says ‘College Servant Sidney, i.e. a servant at Sidney Sussex College. His wife is called Ann, aged 36, and she has 5 children living at home, the eldest being Arthur Landers, aged 14, working as a ‘shop boy’, possibly very closeby at the Grocery Shop next door at number 70, or another on the street, or perhaps on East Road, Newmarket Road, or Mill Road where there were numerous shops, and the note adjacent in another ink which says ‘Port’ short for ‘Porter’ suggest that young Arthur was a delivery boy. Then there is a daughter, Gertrude, aged 12, with no occupation listed, so perhaps helping at home with the youngest, a baby boy. Two of the children are described as ‘scholars’ meaning that they attended school. These are John, aged 10, and Florence, aged 7. Then there is a son, called George, aged 1.


Lucy Rayner, 50, b. Essex

Ernest Rayner, 21, house painter, b. Cambridge

George Rayner, 17, tailor’s apprentice, b. Cambridge

Albert Rayner, 12, b. Cambridge

Ethel Rayner, 8, b. Cambridge


John WIlliam Fuller, 37, plumber for a builder, b. Kensington, London

Edith Miriam Fuller, 31, b. Brettenham, Norfolk

John WIlliam Fuller, 6, b. Cambridge

Source: 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census


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