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75 Ainsworth Street

A Corn Seller from Trumpington

Number 75 is one of a pair of terraced houses on the west side of Ainsworth Street.


Walter Hardingham, Head, 32, Railway Porter on G.E.R., Salhouse, Norfolk
Elizabeth Hardingham, Wife, 36, Mildenhall, Suffolk
Walter E. Hardingham, Nephew, 12, Scholar, Cambridgeshire
Albert G. Hardingham, Nephew, 9, Scholar, Cambridgeshire
Earnest R. Hardingham, Nephew, 7, Scholar, Cambridgeshire
Lilan E. Hardingham, 3, Scholar, Cambridgeshire
Walter J. Hardingham, Nephew, 14, Scholar, London, Middlesex


In the census of 1891 this terraced house has an astonishing number of 9 members of the Rayner family living there, plus 1 lodger!   William Rayner, aged 38, is listed as the Head of the Household. He was born just outside Cambridge in the parish of Trumpington and his job is described as ‘Corn’ with a note afterwards in another ink which possibly says ‘purser’ because not sure it does say ‘porter’ as others have transcribed, so perhaps a seller of corn at the Corn Exchange on Wheeler Street in Cambridge….   William’s wife was called Lucy and was two years older than him, aged 40, originally from Essex.  They had 7 children, starting with the eldest living at home, William Rayner, aged 14 an errand boy.  The next 4 children are all described as ‘scholars’ meaning that they attended school.  They were Ernest, aged 11, John aged 10, George aged 7, Elizabeth aged 5.  There was also two younger children, not yet in school.  These were Alfred, aged 2, and baby Edith, aged 1 month old.  Finally, there was a boarder, called Lawrence Rowson, aged 17, a Grocer’s Apprentice, and it was probably useful to have a small stipend coming in from the Boarder to help pay for clothing and feeding so many children in the Rayner family!


George Sansom, 32, butcher, b. Cambridge

Amie Sansom, 30, b. Sutton, Cambridgeshire

Hilda Sansom, 4, b. Cambridge

Thomas Sansom, 3,b. Cambridge

Florence Sansom, 6 months, b. Cambridge

Hannah Gotobed, 56, widow, monthly / sick nurse b. Sutton, Cambridgeshire

George is one half of the butcher’s company Swann and Sansom.  They run their business from 100 Sturton Street.


Robert Andred Everett, 56, Widower, labourer, b. Duxford

Ruth Elizabeth Everett, 33, Robert’s daughter, domestic duties, b. Duxford

Albert William Silk, 29, lodger, fitter’s mate on the GER, b. Cambridge

Fred Stubbs, 20, lodger, slater’s labourer, b. Cambridge

1919 – 1922

The electoral registers show that Percy Baker lives here briefly between 1919 and 1922.  He was born in 1888, the year his parents moved from 23 Ainsworth Street to 2 Stone Terrace on Stone Street.  He married Florence Flack in 1918 and the newlyweds moved to 69 Ainsworth Street in 1922.

Source: 1891, 1901, 1911 Census, Cambridgeshire, England, Electoral Registers, Burgess Rolls and Poll Books, 1722-1966,


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