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36 Bridge Street (The Tabbard / The Marquis of Granby)

History of 36 Bridge Street

For more detailed history of this site see T E Faber, An Intimate History of St Clement’s parish, 2006

West of Bridge Street in the Nineteenth Century

This estate including no. 37 was acquired by St John’s College in three separate transactions, and it was shared by at least three people c. 1210 and also c. 1540.

1536 – 1543 Geoffrey Rankyn was paying Barnwell Priory 4s p.a. for a tenement called le Tabere. (It is possible that at some stage the Tabere / Tabbard was actually on the site of no. 37)

1543 Geoffrey left to Gerard Rankyn, his nephew ‘ my mansion house or tenement called the tabert’.

1609 death of Thomas Cropley; he left to his wife and son Luke ‘the Tabere… which I purchased of my brother-in-law Mr Christopher Hodson.

1659 Thomas Pecke’s house, formerly the Talbutt, allowed an inn

1660-61 Thomas Peck

1662-3 John Crosby

1664-6 Alice Bell, widow

1672-4 not listed in Victuallers’ Book

c. 1690: The ‘Talbott’ held by Mr Riches

1725-39 John York, later James York

1735 bought by William Tassell, merchant, from the widow of John Craske of Bury St Edmund’s. It was then a common inn called the Tabberd also the Talbot, occupied by John Carr, Francis Jermin and Thomas Jermin

1740 John Hinds replaces James York

1748-49 William Tassell replaces William Symonds

1750-55 Henry Pawlet

1756-63 Henry Foliot, William Tassell,

1764-1854 Marquis of Granby listed continuously

1777 William Tassell and his wife Rose sold estate to Samuel Francis. A document refers to, ‘The Tabbard, now called the Marquis of Granby.’ Occupied by John Harison, Charles Martindale (Tassell’s son in law) and William Tassell.

1787 Samuel Francis sold Marquis of Granby (no. 36) to Alderman John Forlow and (No. 37) to Richard Wallis, miller and mealman.

1838 Granby, now a public house rather than an inn, passed to Francis Eaden

1855-56 not listed as inn

1861 Granby Inn

Nicholas George Jemmerson, 46, victualler and brewer, b Cornwall

1867 sold by John Eaden to William Potts

1877 Potts, who owned the Anchor Brewery on Quayside, died and left all his property to ‘ Elizabeth the widow of my late son John, to whom I was married in 1865 and who has lived with me as my wife.’


Clara Louise Peacock, barmaid

[Clara married Charles Crouch in 1892 and moved to 22 Ainsworth Street]

See Mill Road Cemetery entry

1895 Anchor brewery was sold to the Star Brewery and the Granby was sold with it

1898 acquired by St John’s on a lease back basis


Annie Hovey, 59, widow, publican, b London

William, 24, clerk college, b London

Herbert, 22, clerk college, b London

Beatrice, 19, b Peterborough

Edith, 18, clerk college, b Peterborough

Dora, 16, b Peterborough

Bismarck Norman, boarder, 19, mail driver postal services, b Over

David Silk, boarder, 48, mail driver postal services, b Cambs


The Marquis of Granby

Annie Hovey


Cambridge & District Coop Society

(36a) E D James

(36b) Herbert Crook

(36c) Rossiter



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