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A Brazier

11, Alexandra House, Petty Cury

11 Petty Cury


Stephen Pryor, 60, brazier [worker in brass]

Matilda, 55

Charles, 20

Emma, 20

Elizabeth Webb, 18, servant

[It seems likely that the Charles Pryor, son of Stephen Pryor, who played cricket in 1844 according  to ‘Fenner’s Men Cambridgeshire Cricket 1822-48’ by Willie Sugg, is the same as the Charles Pryor at this address.]


Stephen Pryor, 70, widower, brazier employing 2 men,

Charles, 36, brazier

Margaret, son’s wife, 28, publican’s daughter,  b Cambridge

Eleanor, granddaughter, 8,  b Cambridge

Frederick, grandson, 6,  b Cambridge

Louisa, granddaughter, 4 mos,  b Cambridge

Charles Bowtell, grandson, 13, tinman [?],  b Cambridge

Matilda Bowtell, granddaughter, 11, servant,  b Cambridge

William Brewer, apprentice, 20, brazier, b Saffron Walden

Mary Anne Rayner, servant, 23, b Croydon


Charles Pryor, 45, brazier employing 3 men and 3 boys,  b Cambridge

Margaret, 39, b Cambridge

Eleanor E, 18, b Cambridge

Frederick C, 16, b Cambridge

Louise M, 11, b Cambridge

Clara M, 7, b Cambridge

Edwin, 4, b Cambridge

Abigail A, 2, b Cambridge

Maryan Tweed, visitor, 42, clerk’s wife, b Cambridge

Emily M Tweed, daughter, 17, b London

Phoebe Purkis, 21, servant, b Cambs

1871 see 14 Petty Cury

1881 see 14 Petty Cury

1891 uninhabited

1901 uninhabited


Eastmans Ltd butchers


Dewhurst butchers


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