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Red Lion Hotel, 6 (28) Petty Cury

History of Lion Hotel, Petty Cury

The pub / hotel was demolished in 1969. There was a separately licensed Tap in the 19th century.  From about 1851 it was just referred to as the Lion Hotel. It is known to have been in existence from at least the early 16th century.

According to 1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey of Cambridge the building was of three and two storeys with attics. The walls were plastered timber-framing and brick. The old yard had by 1959 been covered with a glass roof. It was the only inn in the city showing a continued retention of both use and courtyard from at least the 17th cent. None of the surviving buildings in 1959 were earlier than the 17th cent. but a probable medieval origin had been argued.


Samuel Stanley, lessee



Robert Browne, occupier


1789 –



Thomas Mitchell



Became a terminus for the London to Cambridge stagecoach

Stage Coaches


1830 –


1846: Josiah Chater noted on 4th August:

the English cholera is now raging in this town and several persons have died of it, one a waiter at the Lion. He died in a few hours.



William Mitchell, 66, innkeeper



William Mitchell



Andrew Helenus Moyes, 31, hotel keeper


1855: around this time one of the first performance of the Amateur Dramatic Club was given at the Red Lion. This was at a time when the club had only just been formed by A C Burnand, a Trinity undergraduate and was still looking for a permanent home. It was soon after this that a site was found at The Hoop in Jesus Lane



Moyes & Son


Andrew H Moyes, Hotel Keeper, b Scotland [?]

Catherine, 39, wife, b Lincs

Kate Isabel, 13, b Cambridge

Arthur R, 10

John H, 9

Elizabeth, 6

Frank, 2

Hannah Catton, widow, 35, nurse, b Norfolk

Susannah E Thurgood, 19, nursemaid, b Fulbourn

Emily Ison, 20, housemaid, b Cambs

David Newell, 13, page, b Beds


Andrew H Moyes

1881: (28)

Andrew H Moyes,  Hotel Keeper,  51, b Lincoln

Caroline Moyes,  Wife,  49,  b Cambridge

Andrew J Moyes,  Son,  Hotel Keeper,  24,  b Birmingham

Annie E Moyes,  Daughter in Law, 24, b Cambridge

Arthur R Moyes, Son,  Hotel Clerk,  20,  b Cambridge

John H Moyes,  Son,  Land Agent,  19, b Cambridge

Hugh M Moyes,  Son,  8,  b Cambridge

Alexander,  Son,  7,  b Cambridge,

Eliza Lawrence,  Housemaid,  24,  March,  b Cambridge

Phoebe Ison,  Nursemaid,  22,  Quy, b Cambridge

Flora A Lawrence,  General Servant,  16,  b Cambridge

William Gunnell,  Page,  Inn Servant,  17,  Milton


Andrew H Moyes


1891: (28)

Andrew H Moyes, hotel proprietor and barman, b Scotland

Catherine, b Lincoln

Kate J, 33, b Cambridge

Frank, 22, manager in hotel, b Cambridge

Philip, 17, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Budcock, 25, cook, b Burwell

Minnie Bitton, 21, housemaid, b Bottisham

James Fuller, 17, page, b Grantchester


1895 –



Thomas W Harris, tobacconist



Alison Ann Moyes,  Hotel Keeper,  widow

The Red Lion Hotel, Mrs Alice A Moyes, commercial and family hotel



Siegfried Sassoon and his friend David Thomas were regulars at The Lion during their time of Officer training at Pembroke College in the summer of 1915. (info supplied by Anne MP).



Basil Ayres, aged 28 was reported to have died 10.11.1918, possibly of influenza.



Winifred Mary Moyes,  Spinster, daughter and executive of Alice Ann Moyes



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