Capturing Cambridge
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Junkers 88A (Wikipedia)

Ram Yard

History of Ram Yard

Michael Bower Air Raid! pub. 1986 was an eye witness to the bombing by a Ju88A on 27th July 1942.

Gone first was the ‘Blue Barn’ Restaurant, an aged two storey building in Ram Yard removed by a 250 kg HE.



North Side

  1. Joseph A Prizborsky, hairdresser
  2.  Henry Harvey, gasfitter an bellhanger workshops
  3. ditto
  4. James Walter Mansfield, cab driver
  5. Harry Graveling, bricklayer
  6. Richard King, bootmaker
  7. Mrs Balls
  8. A Newman

Here is Park Street

Lincolne and Son’s and Holden’s Stables

Campkin’s Stores

10. Frederick Sam Riggs, University billiard rooms

12. –

13a. H Harvey, workshops

13b. S Fulcher, cabinet maker, undertaker

W J Ison, cycle store rooms

A W Barker, French polisher and upholsterer

13. Alfred H Wilson, compositor

14. Barber and Co, printers

15. Mrs Werrey, The Ram Inn

16. Bros. Denson, tailor and robe maker

J H Priest, picture dealer


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