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11-12 Sidney Street (MoC519/55)

8, 9, 10, 11 Sidney Street

History of 8 - 11 Sidney Street

18th century

Samuel Wilkinson, pipe manufacturer

See 21 St Andrew’s Street.


(11) Joshua Lee, tobacco pipe maker

On the string course of the parapet of this shop and on the top of the lead down-pipe from the roof gutter were carved the emblems of his trade – two churchwarden pipes. The rainwater pipe and the string course were rescued when the shop was demolished in 1936 and are now in the Museum of Cambridge.

String Course from 11 Sidney Street © Museum of Cambridge


(9) The Cambridge School of Art was housed here temporarily when it was founded in 1858. The site had been the Mechanics Institute. In 1862 the School of Art moved to the Guildhall.




Thomas Hunnybun, 60, coachmaker employing 22 men, b Cambridge

Ann, 54, b Cambridge

Ann Elizabeth, 27, b Cambridge

Frederick, 23, coachmaker, b Cambridge

Emily, 24, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Traylen, 24, housemaid, b Suffolk

Caroline Carter, 25, cook, Cambs


William Ellis, 44, plumber and glazier, b Cambs

Alice, 39, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Cattermole, cousin, 20, b Norfolk

Mary Ann Brand, 19, servant, b Essex


Robert Rutter, 40, confectioner, b Suffolk

Ann, 43, b Cambridge

Ann Elizabeth, 9, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Flabbell, 15, servant, b Cambridge


James Pawson Saul, 38, cabinet maker, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 35, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 11, b Cambridge

James Pawson, 4, b Cambridge

Rev. George Collins, 34, late curate of Holy Trinity, b Ireland

Elizabeth Mary Collins, 35, b Bucks


(8) Walter E Preiss, 35, chemist, b Cambridge

(9) Thomas Hunnybun, 40, coachbuilder, b Cambridge

Thomas, 11, b Cambridge

Constance, 9, b Cambridge

Edith, 7, b Cambridge

Anne Beard, 26, servant, b Cambridge

Ellen Meeks, 17, servant, b Beds

Hunnybun family circa 1865

(10) Robert Butler, 49, confectioner, b Suffolk

(11) James Saul, 47, cabinet maker, b Cambridge


(8) George Wickes, 42, watchmaker employing 1 apprentice, b Coventry

(9) Thomas Hunnybun, 50, coachbuilder employing 17 men, b Cambridge

(10) Robert Rutter, 59, master confectioner, b Suffolk

(11) James P Saul, 57, master hosier, b Cambridge


(8) George Wickes

(9) Thomas Hunnybun

(10) Robert Rutter

(11) James P Saul


(8) Frederick Blott milliner and draper

(9) The National Provincial Bank of England R W Harley manager

Smith, University lodging house

(10) Prudential Assurance Co Ltd

County Public Health Department

(11) Arthur George Almond, tailor and robemaker

Arthur J Vellacott accountants


Marks and Spencer open at nos 8, 9 and 9a

11-12 Sidney Street (MoC519/55)(CDN 17.10.1936)

This photo shows the removal of a “bottle neck”, a building that had stuck out into Sidney Street, in 1936.


Marks and Spencer take over nos. 10 and 11.


Marks & Spencers

Marks and Spencers Sidney Street (MoC28/160/69)



Marks & Spencers


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