Capturing Cambridge
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Nos 1-4 Brookside

2 Brookside, Trumpington Road (Beech House)

History of 2 Brookside

2 Brookside


Herbert T Barnes-Laurence, 48, schoolmaster, b Yorks

Isabella Lowry, 38, cook, b Ireland

Ellen Miller, 42, housemaid, b Norfolk

Sarah Stevens, 24, parlourmaid, b Cambs


1911: Beech House Brookside

David Munsey, 69, jeweller and silversmith,  b Willingham

Catherine, 63, b Cambs

Grace Mary Brown, 24, cook, b Grantchester

Myrtle Biggs, 21, housemaid, b Histon



Dr Campbell Morgan


Cambridge Institute of Education

Mrs Lambert

Mrs McArthur


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