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Nos 1-4 Brookside

2 Brookside, Trumpington Road (Beech House)

History of 2 Brookside

2 Brookside

See history of Pemberton allotment in New Town


Met office Archives record James Nutter at Beech House keeping temperature and rainfall data. (email from AS 2022)

1871 (3 Trumpington Road)

James Nutter, 43, Miller merchant, b Cambridge

1881 (2 Beach House)

James Nutter, 63, miller and merchants employing 12 men, b Cambridge

Lucy A, 24, b Cambridge

Helen, 20, b Cambridge

Emma Petch, 23, cook, b Great Swaffham

Eliza Brown, 23, housemaid, b West Wickham

Annie Bradford, 18, under housemaid,  b West Wickham


Herbert T Barnes-Laurence, 48, schoolmaster, b Yorks

Isabella Lowry, 38, cook, b Ireland

Ellen Miller, 42, housemaid, b Norfolk

Sarah Stevens, 24, parlourmaid, b Cambs

1911 Beech House Brookside

David Munsey, 69, jeweller and silversmith,  b Willingham

Catherine, 63, b Cambs

Grace Mary Brown, 24, cook, b Grantchester

Myrtle Biggs, 21, housemaid, b Histon


Dr Campbell Morgan


Cambridge Institute of Education

Mrs Lambert

Mrs McArthur


The Bell family lived here: Oswald, Vida (who taught at St Faiths, and their two children.


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