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11 Ainsworth Street

House painter

Number 11 is one of a terrace of four houses on the west side of Ainsworth Street.

1881 – 1891

William Lanham, a house painter from Cambridge, lived here with his wife Rebecca (nee Webb) and their family.  William and Rebecca married at St Andrew the Less on the 28th July 1839. He is the son of a painter and she is the daughter of a brickmaker from West Wickham.

In 1881 they were living with their daughter Lucy (39), a dressmaker, their sons Edmond John (31) a baker and Walter (26) a printer.  Their grandson, 3-year-old Harry, also lived with them.

By 1891 Walter has moved out, but the other members of the family rmain at number 11.  Harry is now a Machine Boy.

The 1891 Census was taken on the 5th April. William died shortly afterwards and was buried at St Andrew the Less on the 22nd April 1891.


Henry Ward, a 34-year-old blacksmith from Hardwick is head of household in 1901. He married Emma Rebecca Royston in 1902 and they have two children, George and Horace.

Henry and Emma are buried in Mill Road Cemetery.


Thomas Herbert Clark & Florence Ellen (nee Tabor) and their four children. In 1912 their son, Stanley Bernard, is born. He lives at number 3 in the 1950s & 1960s.


Head of household in 1921 is Sidney Manning Tebbit, a 38 year old baker who records he was born in the parish of St. Phillips.  Sidney works for W. W. Iredale, bakers of 6 Dover Street, Cambridge and is married to Theresa Kirby Tebbit (nee Clark).  Theresa is 37 and was born in the parish of St. Giles.

The couple have four children. Sidney Samuel Manning Tebbit (15), Reginald Frederick George Tebbit (13) and Doris Theresa Tebbit (11) were all born in the parish of St Luke.  The youngest, William E. (8) was born in the parish of St Matthew’s.  The younger three children are still at school, but Sidney works as a junior clerk for the University Registrar on Trumpington Street.

Benjamin Joseph Clark, 30, Theresa’s brother, is living with the family.  It is recorded that he is out of work, but was previously a Temporary Civil Policeman for the Cambridge Borough Police.

The electoral registers record Sidney Manning Tebbit living here from 1914.  During the War he is fined for selling new bread.

Cambridge Bakers Fined for Selling Under 12 Hours Old

Four Cambridge bakers were fined by the Borough magistrates this (Friday) morning for breaches of the provisions of the Bread Order, 1917, prohibiting the sale of exposure for sale of bread less than 12 hours old.
Stanley Manning Tebbit, 11 Ainsworth Street, pleaded guilty to a similar offence on March 11th, also exposing a new loaf of bread for sale.
P. C. Brooks said that at about 11.55 a.m. he saw defendant deliver a loaf of bread from a handcart in Gold Street, and on examining the bread in the cart found it new and hot.
Defendant said he had been laid up since the 25th February and had been unable to make his own stuff. He was in the business alone.
The Mayor: That bears out what Isaid before that you people ought to amalgamate.
Defendant: I think that when a man is fighting and another is left to carry on the business, he should be allowed to try to keep the business together for him.
The Mayor said Morley, Summerlin and Tebbit would be fined £1 each and Mrs Tredale 10s., the fines in each case to include costs. It was partly the fault of the customers who insisted on having the bread brought whether it was new or old. The bakers must be careful to observe the regulations, and he would advise them to consider the question of amalgamation.

Cambridge Daily News 15th March 1918

By 1939 the family are living on Kimberley Road and Sidney is a master baker, and they’ve taken in an evacuee, also named Sidney.  At 11 Ainsworth Street, however, Sidney’s younger brother, Ernest Edward Tebbit is living here with his wife Daisy.

Ernest is a Baker’s Assistant.  He appears on the electoral register at this address until the public record ends in 1966.

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