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73 Ainsworth Street

A Plot of Land that has now been Developed

1881 – 1911

In the census of 1881 and 1891 and 1901 and 1911 there are no persons listed for number 73 Ainsworth Street, and this looks that the reason is because there was no building as such, just a plot of land assigned to this number. In the 1895 Spalding Directory it is described as ‘Garden Ground’.  There are several neighbours with occupation of gardener, including the neighbour at number 79, who was possibly growing hops for the off-license.

On Ainsworth Street today there is a number 73, occupied by a retired Printer, who used to work for Jagg when located on York Street. In 1895, Jagg the Printer is located at Arcadia, St Andrew’s Hill. It is probably the case that no number 73 was ever built, as the recent owner was told this plot used to be a track with access through to Sturton Street for the Kerridge building yard.  We’ll hopefully be able to verify this through the Land Tax Records for 1911 onwards.

Now the plot at 75 has a garage for number 73 with an extension above, i.e. 73 effectively covering 2 house plots, both 73 & 75.

Sources: 1881 – 1911 UK Census, 1895 Spalding Directory



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