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80 Ainsworth Street

80 Ainsworth Street

Number 80 in a single end of terrace property on the east side of Ainsworth Street.


Henry Hancock, Head, Widower, 42, Doorkeeper at University Library, (College), Cambridgeshire
Harriet G. Hancock,  21, Cambridgeshire
Henry E. Hancock,  19, Employed at University Library (College), Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth J. Hancock,  11, Scholar, Cambridgeshire
Alfred J. Hancock,  9, Scholar, Cambridgeshire
Emily S. Hancock,  8, Scholar, Cambridgeshire
Arthur W. Hancock,  5, Scholar, Cambridgeshire


At number 80 in 1891 there is a widower called Harry Hancock, aged 53, whose occupation is described as ‘Doorman at the University Library’ with an additional not added adjacent saying ‘books.’ This is interesting because not many in this new housing of Sturton Town are listed with specific jobs at the University, though some say College servant.  At the time, the University Library would have been located in the Senate House opposite Great St Mary’s church on the market.

Also living at number 80 were Harry Hancock’s four children. The eldest was Harriet, a 31 year old daughter, single, with no occupation listed, so possibly she was keeping house for the family. Next listed was son Alfred, 19, a flutist, and it would be interesting to find out where a flute player could find a full time career, in an orchestra or military band perhaps? Emily, aged 17, also lived at home with no occupation listed. Youngest was a son, William, aged 15, whose occupation was described as ‘Telegraph Messenger,’ meaning he delivered telegrams.

Emily and Harriett are buried together in Mill Road Cemetery.  Their entry on the Mill Road Cemetery has more information about their lives and their father’s.


Alfred F Curwain, head, 31, inn waiter, b. Cambridge

Annie M A Curwain, wife, 26, b. Cambridge

Dorothea M Curwain, daughter, 4, b. Cambridge

Alfred C Curwain, son, 3, b. Cambridge

Eric Curwain, son, 1, b. Cambridge

Lellie Curwain, son, 3 months, b. Cambridge


Thomas William Hall, head, 52, engine driver, Great Eastern Railway, b. Burwell, Cambridgeshire

Sarah Rebecca Hall, wife, 53, b. Chesterton, Cambridgeshire

Herbert William Hall, son, 23, grocer’s warehouseman, b. Cambridge

George Frederick Hall, son, 20, carpet and lino fixer for house furnisher, b. Cambridge

Sidney Thomas Hall, son, 19, grocer’s porter, b. Cambridge

Arthur Charles Hall, son, 13, press boy, University Press, b. Cambridge

Hilda May Hall, daughter, 8, b. Cambridge

Thomas and Sarah are 28 years married, they have had six children, one of whom has died.

1921 – 1933

Thomas Frederick Sargent and his wife Amelia  have moved here from 149 Sturton Street.  They both died in 1933 and are buried in Mill Road Cemetery.

Source: 1891 & 1911 census, Mill Road Cemetery,


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