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83 Ainsworth Street

83 Ainsworth Street

In the 1891 census, number 83 is occupied by the Smith family. Adelaide Smith, age 47 is described as the wife of George Smith, age 45 whose occupation is listed as carpenter, which is the same profession as his neighbour at number 79 so there is a chance they could have worked together. On the map of 1886 for the area, and listed in the Trade directories, shows that on Sturton St there was the Kerridge timber yard and construction company on the plot behind their houses, so they may have worked there.

Also living at number 83 was Ann Smith, described as a Widow, aged 75, the mother of George Smith. In addition, there were two nephews of George Smith. They were William Smith, aged 19, a bootmaker, and his younger brother, Cecil Smith, aged 17, also a bootmaker. They are all described as having been born is Hemingford Grey in Huntingdonshire, so George Smith looks after members of his extended family once he moves to Cambridge.

Source: 1891 census.


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