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7 – 8 King’s Parade

History of 7 - 8 King's Parade


Note from BJH (2024): James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), the distinguished physicist (most physicists rank him just behind Newton and Einstein), lived in lodgings at 8 King’s Parade when he was a young undergraduate. He started at Peterhouse in Oct. 1850 and “migrated” to Trinity in Jan. 1851, but continued to live in the lodgings at 8 King’s Parade until the spring of 1852, when he moved into rooms at Trinity. For confirmation, see Lewis Campbell and William Garnett, “The Life of James Clerk Maxwell” (1882), pp. 157 and 159; note that Maxwell also referred to his lodgings as “Ling’s,” presumably a reference to Susanna Ling, the widow who ran the place.


(7) Robert Thomas Sadd, 36, silversmith and jeweller, b Cambridge

(8) Susanna Ling, widow, 49, music seller, b Isleham


6 – 8 King;s Parade, Coronation Day procession, 1902 (photo E C Hoppett)


(7) Alfred Henry Sadd, numismatist, antiquary and jeweller

(8) Henry Edward Greef, plumber and decorator

Miss Jackson

Frank Carr, barrister

G Morier-Hinde

17/4/1914 The unhappy conjunction of the name Sadd and Greef on King’s Parade has been a well-worn joke. Now it is about to be broken. Mr Sadd is soon to move to premises in St Edward’s Passage while Mr Greef is moving further up the Parade. The Sadds began business last century as dealer in antiques and a hairdresser in one of a row of old-fashioned houses standing in front of King’s College. When the cottages were pulled down they moved opposite. His son made a sketch of the old houses (Cam.News)

In September 1914 Mr Sadd fell to his death from the roof of King’s College chapel. He left a note in verse which said:

Then trade was bad –

Not much to be had

And he getting old

Now isn’t that SADD.

Captain Henry E Greef, Cambridge Fire Brigade (MoC262/64)

In 1913 H E Greef is described in Kelly’s as Captain of the Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade, of 3 St Andrew’s Terrace, Parker’s Piece and 8, King’s Parade.

In 1981 Sara Payne wrote in the CWN (2 April) about the Artificers Guild run by Miss Eley at 7 & 8 King’s Parade in 1914. It commissioned arts and crafts products for sale.


C P Stockbridge Ltd, antique & fine art dealers


C P Stockbridge, antique business


Lawson Gallery


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