Capturing Cambridge
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29 Ainsworth Street

Railway Workers

Number 29 is one of a terrace of four houses standing on the west side of Ainsworth Street.


Henry G Dicker (Decker / Dicken), 46, Firefighter on GER, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Dicker, 37, b Cambridge

Elanor Dicker, 13, b Cambridge

Annie Dicker, 9, Scholar, b Cambridge

George Dicker, 8, Scholar, b Cambridge

Water Dicker, 6, Scholar, b Cambridge

Isabella Dicker, 3, b Cambridge

Thomas Dicker, 3, b Cambridge

Margaret Dicker, 10 months, b Cambridge


The Palmer family are at number 29 in 1891.  Head of Household is George, 41, a Fireman for the Great Eastern Railway.  The enumerator was oddly specific when recording George’s place of birth and has written “Covent Garden, Cambridge”.

His wife Ann, 41, is from Great Gonerby in Lincolnshire.  Their eldest child George, 11,  was also born in Great Gonersby.

Continuing to be specific, the enumerator has recorded “Stone Street” as the place of birth for the youngest child, 7 year old Frederick. Both sons are at School.


Charles Rose, 38, Railway Signalman, b Shelford

Alice Rose, 33, b Bottisham

Annie Rose, 16, Dressmaker, b Swavesey

Harry Rose, 14, Printers Apprentice (compositor), Swavesey

Ralph H. Rose, 11, b Swavesey

Beatrice Rose, 9, b Swavesey

Eva M. Rose, 6, b Swavesey

Doris Rose, 1, b Cambridge


Thomas Pinney, 32, blacksmith striker on GER, b. Ditton, Cambridgeshire

Louisa Pinney, 31, laundress at home, b. Ditton, Cambridgeshire

Thomas and Louisa are 8 years married and have no children.


Edward Ladds – (will be at 2 in 1935, was at 15 in 1901). 29 is the address he gives on his WW1 Service Record.


UK census records (1881 to 1911), World War 1 Service Records


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