Capturing Cambridge
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106 Hills Road, The Crown Inn, The Flying Pig, (41 The Engineers)

History 106 Hills Road


Simon Godfrey, 49, inn keeper and boatbuilder, b Norfolk

Elizabeth, 43, b Chesterton

Victoria L, 18, b Chesterton

Roland, 14, b Norfolk


Alfred Looker, 31, b Comberton, inn keeper

Harriett B, 35, b Cambridge

Jessie H, 4, b Cambridge

James Thorpe, 53, b Comberton, traveller

Eliza Thorpe, 53, b Middlesex

James Thorpe, son, 19, b Cambs, traveller

Providence Thorpe, daughter, 17, b Suffolk

Emanuel Thorpe, 15, daughter, b Suffolk

Roads of May Thorpe, 11, b Salop

Ambrose Thorpe, 6, b Pitchly

Mark Wilson, 23, b Ipswich, traveller

Eliza Wilson, 22, b Foxton

Ada Wilson, 2, b Beds

Ota Wilson, son, 8m, b Bourn


(41 Public House Engineers)

Thomas Richardson, 45, innkeeper, b Wales


Thomas, 13, b Cambridge

Matilda, 17, b Cambridge



Joseph, 9, b Cambridge

Richard Richardson, brother, widower, 39, pensioner, b Bury St Edmunds

Sarah Ballard, visitor, 35, dressmaker, b Cambs

Peter Reehan, lodger, 17, hawker, b Ireland

Frederick Ellam, 16, lodger, labourer, b Balsham

Charles Harris, servant, 40, oslar (sic) [ostler], b Cambridge

(In 1871 Thomas Richardson was a cattle drover living with his family at 3 Covent Garden Cambridge)

1891( 106 Crown Inn)

Harriet Richardson, widow, 57, licensed victualler, b Gt Wilbraham

Dorothy, 25, licensed victualler, b Cambridge

Jesse, 16, barmaid, b Cambridge

John Cook, boarder, 37, cattle drover, b Bury St Edmunds

James Golding, boarder, 30, cattle drover, b Bury St Edmunds

Patrick Fitzgerald, boarder, 29, cattle dealer, b Ireland

Philiip Browne, boarder, 40, cattle dealer, b Ireland

Thomas McDonagh, boarder, 32, cattle salesman, b Ireland

Henry Bass, boarder, 44, drover, b Bury St Edmunds

John Whybrow, boarder, 60, hawker, born Suffolk


(Crown Inn)

Thomas Richardson, 34, publican and dealer in horses, b Cambridge

Emma J, 36, b Cambridge

Jessie H, 10, b Cambridge

Dorothy A Richardson, sister, 36, Cambridge

Clara Reeves, sister in law, 21, b Cambridge, cook domestic

Thomas Gibbs, boarder, 20, b Suffolk, net? merchant

Percy Thomas Dines, 48, b Meldreth, baker bread maker


(Crown Inn)

Ralph George Middlemost, 37, publican, b Surrey

Mary Leonora, 41, assisting in business, b Herts

Alexander J M, 8, b  Newlands Cape Colony


Herbert James Saville, The Crown Inn


Harold Edgar Cocks


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