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Tour 6 – Jesus Lane, King, Sussex and Sidney Streets

Self Guided Tour of central Cambridge east of Sidney Street


The list below of links to the Capturing Cambridge website is a selection of the more interesting entries en route. Information about most of the buildings, and their historical occupants,  that you will pass on this tour, and many that have vanished, can be accessed on the web site.

As with our other tours, suggestions of corrections and additions are most welcome and should be offered via the email address on the website.


Start at the junction of Jesus Lane, Bridge Street and Sidney Street

  1. 2 Jesus Lane

2.  4 Jesus Lane, Jones the dentist

3. 7a Jesus Lane, The Roman Bath Company

4. Friends Meeting House

5. Hoop Inn and ADC Theatre

6. Jesus Lane

7. 16 Jesus Lane, Little Trinity

8. 22a Jesus Lane, Adams Yard and David Marshall

9. 29 Jesus Lane

10. Wesley House Theological College

11. Sidney College Gateway, Jesus Lane

12. 33 Jesus Lane

13. 31 Jesus Lane, Sparrow’s Yard

14. 32 Jesus Lane

15. 37 Jesus Lane, James Beament

16. Westcott House

17. Oriental Plane, Jesus College

18. All Saints Church

19. Manor House of St Radegund

20. 47 Jesus Lane

21. 53 Jesus Lane, home of Philip Lake

22. 62 Jesus Lane, home of John Pratt, composer

23. 64 Jesus Lane, almshouses

24. The Garrick

25. Four Lamps and the murder of Emma Rolfe

26. Turn sharp right into King Street

27. The Radegund

28. Wesley Methodist Church

29. King Street

30. 127 King Street, almshouses

31. 98 King Street, bigamy and riot

32. 94 King Street, almshouses

33. The King Street Run

34. The Old Charity School

35. 70 King Street, the murder of Alice Lawn

36. 81 King Street, The Sevastopol, home of Lance Corporal Frederick Hall, killed in action 1918

37. 66 King Street

38. 60 King Street, The Earl Grey

39. 58 King Street

40. 34 King Street

41. 24 King Street, home of Pte R J Johnson, killed in action 1918

42. 16 King Street, HQ of King Edward’s Horses

43. 4-6 King Street, The Cambridge Arms

44. Turn left in to Hobson Street

45. Turn right into Sussex Street

46. 5-7 Sussex Street

47. 23-24 Sidney Street, The Dorothy Cafe

48. Turn right into Sidney Street

49. 26-27 Sidney Street

50. 52 Sidney Street, The King’s Head

51. 29 Sidney Street, the enticement of Mrs Place

52. 50 Sidney Street

53. 47-48 Sidney Street

54. Wray’s Court, Sidney Street (site of)

55. 35 Sidney Street

56. The Dolphin Inn (site of), Thomas Cranmer and wife’s home

57. 74 Bridge Street (site of)

End of tour





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