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Tour 2 – Newtown area of Cambridge

Self Guided Tour of Newtown Cambridge


The list below of links to the Capturing Cambridge website is a selection of the more interesting entries en route. Information about most of the buildings, and their historical occupants,  that you will pass on this tour, and many that have vanished, can be accessed on the web site.

As with our other tours, suggestions of corrections and additions are most welcome and should be offered via the email address on the website.

Note the City Council’s own study of this area:


Start tour at Hyde Park Corner, meeting of Hills Road and Lensfield Road at corner with Catholic Church

1.Hyde Park Corner

2.1 Hills Road, home of the Wentworth family then the Roman Catholic Presbytery 

3.2 Hills Road, Wanstead House, home of William Eaden Lilley then William Henry Guillemard

4.4 Hills Road, home of Canon Quinlivan

Turn right into Union Road

5.19-18 Union Road, Roman Catholic Day and Sunday School

6.16 Union Road (site of)

7.29 Union Road, King’s Arms (site of)

8.Queen’s Street (site of)

9.30A Union Road, Jolly Brewers (site of)

10.31 Union Road (site of)

11.34 Union Road (site of), Rifleman William Thomas Collins killed in action 16.8.1917

12.Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

Turn left into Bentinck Street

Turn right into Coronation Street

13.59 Coronation Street, grocer’s

14.Albion Brewery, Coronation Street (site of)

15.8 Coronation Street (site of), Charles Pammenter died 1.8.1918 while a prisoner of war

16.6 Coronation Street (site of), home of William Butcher and then Mrs Howes

Turn left into Panton Street

17.Panton Arms

18.42 Panton Street, Lt Albert Henry Hearne killed in action 1.10.1917

19.52 Panton Street (site of), Private Stanley John Hearne, died of wounds 23.9.1917

20.SS Anthony and Eligius Almshouses, St Anthony Street

Turn left into Russell Court (Street)

21.58 Russell Street, The Alma

22.Salvaged carvings, Russell Court

Just before turning right towards Norwich Street, ahead across the playground is:

23.National School, Russell Street

Turn left into Norwich Street

24.Norwich Street, the numbering problem

25.72 Norwich Street, Cherry’s Stores

26.56 Norwich Street, Private Jessie Willard killed in action 1917

27.57 Norwich Street, setting of P D James novel

28.34 Norwich Street, home of the Goodman family who lost two sons in WWI

29.24 Norwich Street, a history of the property

30.6 Norwich Street, ‘In memory of Hilda’

31.2 Norwich Street, home of William Coulson coprolite merchant

32.Hills Road Weslyan Chapel (site of)

Turn right into Hills Road

33.74 Hills Road, boarding school in 1881 (site of)

34.76 Hills Road, home of William Chater, draper, brother of diarist Josiah Chater (site of)

Turn right into Bateman Street

35.62 Bateman Street, boarding school in 1901, home of Dr Walter Malden, pathologist with RAMC

36.1 Bateman Street, home of Clark family in 1871, then of American professor of pathology Frank Knowlton in  1911

37.3 Bateman Street, home of the ‘Cambridge Nightingale’ and the Shrubbery School

38.56 Bateman Street, home of Henry Swete, professor of Divinity

39.9 Bateman Street, home of Evelyn M Spearing, alumna of Girls Perse and Newnham College, then VAD nurse in France in WWI

40.55 Bateman Street, home of John Harold Clapham, economist

41.54 Bateman Street, home of congregational minister, Henry Child Carter

42.20 Bateman Street, home of Edward Gordon Selwyn, clergyman and fellow of Corpus Christi

43.51 Bateman Street, home of William Buckland, lecturer in Roman Law

44.27 Bateman Street, home of Vladimir Minorsky in 1962, Kurdish expert

45.49 Bateman Street, home of Edward Woodall Naylor, organist and composer

46.48 Bateman Street, ladies boarding school in 1901

47.46 Bateman Street, Paston House, work of architect Jack A Crush

48.St Mary’s Covent and School

49.75 Panton Street, home of musicologist Edward Joseph Dent

50.The Elms, St Mary’s Covent

51.Cheshunt College & Masonic Hall

52.1 Brookside, University Botanic Garden

Turn right on to Brookside

53.Brookside, Trumpington Road

54.5 Brookside, home of Charles Babington, botanist

55.6 Brookside, home of Isaac Todhunter, mathematician

56.7 Brookside, home of Henry de Candole and John R S Taylor, clergymen, Alexander de Candole Cambridge student and poet, who was killed in action in 1918

57.8 Brookside, home of chemist Matthew Pattinson-Muir and Henry Tims, scientist

58.9 Brookside, home of Priscilla Sayle, widow, and Charles Travers Wood, significant figure in Boy Scout movement

59.10 Brookside, home of Francis Jenkinson, university librarian

60.11 Brookside, used by Belgian refugees in WWI

61.18/19 Brookside, home of Henry and Millicent Fawcett, Rev Edward Selwyn and Henry Fenton, chemist

62.20 Brookside, home of Louis Goss, benefactor to the University, Edouard Allen Goss, killed in action on the first day of the Battle of the Somme

63.Gothic Street

64.Doric Street

65.Cross Keys

66.Hobson’s Conduit

Turn right into Lensfield Road

67.The Spread Eagle, home of Nelson Fielding, died of wounds 1915

68.65 Lensfield Road, home in 1891 of John Hodson of Hodson’s Folly

69.61 Lensfield Road, home of Rev George Weekes

70.57 Lensfield Road, home of Thomas Thompson, portrait painter

71.Downing Terrace

72.Lensfield (site of), home of Sir George Stokes mathematician and Laurence Humphrey, doctor

73.Scott Polar Research Institute









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