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Tour 4 – Roads around St John’s Church, Hills Road, Queen Edith’s

Self Guided Tour of Blinco Grove area of Queen Edith's


The list below of links to the Capturing Cambridge website is a selection of the more interesting entries en route. Information about most of the buildings, and their historical occupants,  that you will pass on this tour, and many that have vanished, can be accessed on the web site.

As with our other tours, suggestions of corrections and additions are most welcome and should be offered via the email address on the website.


Start at St John the Evangelist, Hills Road. Proceed south on east side of Hills Road.

1.221 Hills Road, home of Bidder family

Turn left into Cavendish Avenue

2.Cavendish Avenue

3.The Cavendish Estate

4.Lady Jane Court

5.4 Cavendish Avenue, home of Beall and Waller families

6.8 Cavendish Avenue, home of Frederick Worsley, theologian

7.10 Cavendish Avenue, home of Owen Meredith, economist and friend of E M Forster

8.12 Cavendish Avenue, home of RAF sergeant pilot Stanley Wallis. Died May 1940.

9.18 Cavendish Avenue, described in Pevsner

10.13 Cavendish Avenue, home of Charles Wood, banjo maker and composer

11.20 Cavendish Avenue, J D Atkinson worked as a searcher for missing wounded in WWI

12.22 Cavendish Avenue, home of the Smyth family who moved to 11 Luard Road some time after 1911. They lost their son Gerald flying for the RAF in 1918.

13.15 Cavendish Avenue, home of the Cockerell family

14.17 Cavendish Avenue, home of Frederick Oldham, umbrella maker

15.28 Cavendish Avenue, home of the Doggett family, WWI volunteer nurses

16.21 Cavendish Avenue (Hinton Lodge) was in 1911 listed as 100 Blinco Grove against the wishes of the owner

17.30 Cavendish Avenue, home of Gustavus Schneider, theologian

18.32 Cavendish Avenue, home of Anderson family who lost their son Martin killed action in 1917

Turn left into Baldock Way

19.Baldock Way

20.St John’s Church Hall

21.Morley Memorial School

22.Blinco Grove

23.100 Blinco Grove

24.91  Blinco Grove, sweet shop (site of)

25.98 Blinco Grove, home of Naylor family and their jackdaw

26.65 Blinco Grove, home of Plane family and Charles Bowyer who was killed in action in 1916

27.84 Blinco Grove, home of Baldock family

28.76 Blinco Grove, home of Josiah Bowyer

29.74 Blinco Grove, home of Sgt. Maj. Henry Huckle, died on first day of Battle of the Somme

Turn right into Rock Road

Turn right into Hartingdon Grove

30.Hartington Grove

31.68 Hartington Grove (corner with Rock Road), site of Hobdays Nursery

32.64 Hartington Grove, laundry

33.63 Hartington Grove, Dorothy Sanders reminisces

34.71 Hartington Grove, The Research Hospital

35.Hartington Grove Quaker Meeting House

36.Windermere House School

37.110 Hartington Grove, the Aplins reminisce

38.160 Cherry Hinton Road, the corner shop

Turn left into Cherry Hinton Road

39.Non-conformist church

40.152 Cherry Hinton Road, home of Vale family

41.150 Cherry Hinton Road, home of the Gamlen family

42.146 Cherry Hinton Road, home of Wilson family

43.159 Cherry Hinton Road, home of the Cowell family

44.Swiss Laundry

45.Cherry Hinton Constitutional Club

46.Henry Donnex, cattle dealer and colourful character

47.147 Cherry Hinton Road, home of the Doe family

48.140 Cherry Hinton Road, Lt Joscelyn Rawes killed in action 1916

49.145 Cherry Hinton, a description of life in Cherry Hinton Road in the 1960s

50.136 Cherry Hinton Road, Eagle Cottage, discussion of age of the cottage

51.139 Cherry Hinton, George Bowyer, Honorary Freeman of Cambridge

52.Derby Road

53.114 Cherry Hinton Road (site of), Lt Charles Bedwell killed in action 1918.

54.123 Cherry Hinton Road, Private George Porter, killed in action 1916

55.115 Cherry Hinton Road, home of Fred Drake, herbalist

56.107 Cherry Hinton Road, home of Roy Swann, RAF, killed in 1942.

57.106 Cherry Hinton Road, home of the Burr family

58.91 Cherry Hinton Road, home of the Onyett and Asbury families

59.88 Cherry Hinton Road, WWII reminiscences

60.72 Cherry Hinton Road, home of James Robert Cullin, artist, killed in action 1916.

61.77 Cherry Hinton Road, home of John Condor, builder and champion of allotments

62.66 Cherry Hinton Road, The Rathmore Club

Turn left into Rathmore Road

63.36 Rathmore Road, home of Charles Zeigler, law academic

64.30 Rathmore Road, home of Herbert Furniss, killed in action in 1918

65.10 Rathmore Road, home of Lewis Anderson, stained glass artist and distinguished soldier in WWI, also of V W Sagon who died in 1917.

66.8 Rathmore Road, home of L Corporal Laurence Austin, one of the youngest recipients of the D.C.M. in 1915

67.175 Hills Road, home of Frederick Morley, pawnbroker

Turn left on to Hills Road

68.Trumpington House Lodge (on the west side of Hills Road set back from the road)

69.178 Hills Road, Trumpington House

70.181/3 Hills Road, built by Kett family

71.Guy Harlings (exact location uncertain), home of George Guy Butler, doctor awarded MBE in WWI

72.187 Hills Road, home of Alfred Haddon, anthropologist

73.189 Hills Road, former St John’s vicarage

74.207 Hills Road, home of Kerridge family

Return to St John’s Church














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